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Corporate Business Structure

Since 1973 Encotech has been providing products and services to the electric power industry. Our main business focus is in the area of performance improvement including steam path audits, training, and software.

Turbine Steam Path Audits

Encotech has offered turbine steam path audit services for over twenty years and has performed over 250 audits in the US and abroad. Since we do not sell or manufacture turbine replacement parts, our auditors can give independent recommendations as to what repairs will make the most economical sense during the current outage. Encotech auditors use thorough and well established procedures to ensure that all parts of the turbine that can affect performance are inspected, measured, and analyzed. The data is then entered into the eSTPE computer software program which will produce a report describing all the contribution to unit performance degradation.

Training Steam Path Audits

Encotech can assist your utility with training an in-house steam path audit team. Encotech encourages utilities to consider this option for its long-term and short-term benefits. Using the eSTPE computer software program (see below) your in-house team can be available to gather data as the parts of the turbine are disassembled, and most readily available; there is no waiting around by the auditor. Using the eSTPEplus program, your engineers can create their own turbine models for all units in your utility.

Performance Software Programs

Encotech has a variety of software programs that were specifically developed to help today�s engineers in their decision-making process. Whether you are determining turbine efficiency, looking to create a heat balance diagram, or performing steam properties calculations, we have a software solution that can make your work faster, simpler, and more accurate.

Encotech's staff provides extensive support to all of our software users. This includes phone, e-mail, and fax support on program usage, operation, data inputs and outputs, documentation of program upgrades, and any other concerns the user may have. Encotech engineers' day-to-day work with the programs enables them to contribute to the continuous enhancements being made to the programs and to respond to customer questions quickly. In addition to software support, Encotech also provides customized training on the use of any of our products.

Steam Turbine Performance Improvement Seminar

Encotech has been presenting the K. C. Cotton Steam Turbine Performance Improvement seminar for over 25 years, starting with Ken Cotton in 1985. Throughout that time, the seminar has been updated with additions and enhancements based on the first-hand field experience of Encotech performance engineers, steam path auditors, and consultants. Our instructors actively work in the field of performance engineering and are highly qualified to answer questions regarding current issues attendees may be having. This seminar is available for in-house sessions only, please call for more information on hosting an in-house session.